Centre Leg - Film version **UPDATE 1.4**

So i got home from work Friday 26th and gave the components a lite sanding over the primer paint.

I then set up my hi tech spray booth........My cardboard box......and set up the components for spraying. After a few coats, I left them to dry. It has been very hot here in the UK the last few days, so it wouldn't take long to dry.
new all white components
Saturday again the weather was fair, after a massive thunder storm early hours of the morning.
Out came my spray booth and i got on with clear coating the components. Again, these didn't take long to dry. A few hours later, I started to fit the components onto R5's centre leg and foot shell. They all fitted.
r5d4 centre leg

I dug out a tube of silicone sealant, but it had gone off at the ends. I cut it open to find the inside middle was still okay, so I scooped the good stuff out and used some to fix the front and rear ankle details onto the centre leg. Applied some masking tape to secure in place till it had set.
r5d4 centre leg
silicon applied to fix ankle details in place
r5d4 centre leg
ankle details taped into place till silicone set

r5d4 centre leg

r5d4 centre leg
The new centre leg & foot shell, pre-weathering

r5d4 centre leg
Rear ankle detail taped into place
Just back from a weeks mini-break..... Next up was to weather the new components to better blend in.

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