R5-D4 Trading cards 2017

Since my first post on my mini collection of R5-D4 trading cards,
I've found a few more.

This was my collection back on my first post back in 2014.

I wanted to find and collect (finances permitting) all the available trading cards which feature (and there aren't many) R5-D4, just as a fun thing to do.

I made up a stand, at the time as my collection was small.

But with the addition of a few more cards,
I'll need to think of a way to display them better.

Here are the new cards added to the collection:
Interesting to note that both views of R5 show him with a round skirt.
Some of the body's did actually have round skirts,
but the 'standardised' flat sided skirts is usually the one
seen and even drawn up.
This can also be seen in the card red boarder card below.
(on my 'to get' list)

This sparkly version is a newer of the plain standard 'grey background' card.
The back is also updated compared to the 'grey' pic version below

~~~~~~~~~~~ This one below, is still on my 'to get' list.


As mentioned in the previous post, another style of trading cards that have become more prominent, is the 'sketch card'. These are artist drawn ones that relate to the films characters. They're rare and hard to find tho, especially here in the UK!

Whilst searching this artist caught my attention, Marsha Parkins.
She created these cards for Topps for Rogue One.
These pics were from an eBay sale (not her's) that I was watching.....$125.00 US Dollars!!
Plus postage to the UK..... 

It's not R5-D4, but R5-SK1 who is red & white
and there aren't to many with this colour scheme,
so it's a nice connection
I'd like to add this one at some point......if possible.

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