R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.2

Went to my local Wicke's store, material suppliers for Trade and people in the know lol. Cheaper prices than B&Q for example (UK).

Picked up a sheet of 9mm thick hardboard and got it home for measuring, marking and cutting.
 The original base ring from the dome. Measured it up for marking new wood ring.

Diameters marked up and started cutting with jigsaw. Once cut came the 'test fitting' with it sat on the dome internal uprights. With the bearing sat on top.

I then marked up an inner circle that would allow the dome wheel to not make contact with the wood circle. This next pic also shows crews taped in place so I could line up the dome to sit centrally on R5's body.

And here's the test positioning picture, pre any holes being drilled.

After this was spent digging out washers for spacers, counter sunk bolts for the bearing etc. Which I found but weren't long enough, so these were ordered.

And here's the work so far. Picture taken for my Instagram 'james_r5d4'.

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