R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.1

So Saturday afternoon I spent working out how I was going to fit the new bearing. I had planned to router out the original lower ring, but the bearing was the same size as the outside edge of it. The skin makes up the rest of the diameter to the correct size.

So that put a stop to that idea lol.
Next was to simply buy a thinner piece of hardboard and it plus the 10mm thick bearing would equal the right height again.

Whilst I was doing all this thinking/planning, I started to remove the old lazy susan & electrics that wouldn't be needed.
This was a great idea for a cheap and easy way to control R5's dome rotation, and has served me well. But it's replacement will same on space and all this wiring!

I also uninstalled my old & original, RC transmitters receiver unit. I had kept in, just incase I needed to swap it back over, but it wasn't necessary. It was replaced by a screen used version from a fellow club member, much thanks go to Colin Barker for his generous gift.
Old Rc receiver unit

Sunday was when I was able to get on with some REAL work.....

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