UK R2D2 Builders Christmas Event 2016

I hadn't been able to attend this Christmas Event in previous years, but this year would be the first of many to come! Lol, two things more important than Christmas, were Rogue One & this builders day :D

My two youngest came along and enjoyed the day, and like myself, meeting new fellow builders & the 'Usual Suspects' builders too lol. We arrived about 2PM, driving up with fellow Bristol builder, Paul Felski, who followed.

The event also doubles as an inspection of the droids, for safety at events. Control and stability of these is very important!

There was food layed on and a Death Star, two flavoured cake, thanks Emma!

The last time there were this many astromech's in one place, I'd say, would of been Celebration.
My daughter, was NOT operating R2's dome lol, but a toy BB-8


Sail Barge R2

Just some of the droids.
Then we had the group photo....
UK R2 Builders Club

Another great day, that flew by. Looking forward to attending events in 2017

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