Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 2.0

Helmet gets the chop!
x-wing helmet

I really wasn't happy with the size. I know, I know this should of been sorted at the start, but I had hope things would work out.....

So after some thought, I marked out some cut lines and then used a saw blade and my Dremel cutter, to cut off the cheek/ear sections.

As my daughter was tucked up in bed asleep, I had to wait till the next evening to measure her head and test fit the separate pieces on her. I just hope this plan works and can salvage what I've made so far!

So the next evening, I dug out some foam and with some help from her brother, we managed to better fit the helmet cheek sections to the size of her head. I then measured the remaining gaps, height & width's to be able to cut & eventually, fibre-glass all the parts back together like a jigsaw.

Well, here's the start...

Measurements at the ready.

Additional cut lines for the dome section.

And then test fitting of the sides and the new cut down front dome section.
 Front view

Rear view
Feeling a lot more positive about how this 'rebuild' is going. This is ALL guess work regarding cut lines etc, tho so far so good lol.

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