R5-D4's metallic 'machine turn' neck tape

UK builders have struggled to find this and from reading up, most have had to import it from the USA, at addition cost.
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape

A fellow member asked me for info on my tape and where to get it from.

After explaining my luck a few years ago, I decided to look for the elusive 'machine turn' material!

USA builders can find the supplier....... Tape Planet [click for link]

And this place has it in sheet form over here in the UK.

Update, fellow club member was VERY happy with this!


  1. This is an updated UK link for the tape https://www.signmakingandsupplies.co.uk/engine-turn-metallic-circle-brushed-17027-p.asp

  2. UPDATE: This company's supplier has changed the size of the 'turn', to a very small size. This is no longer an option for accurate neck tape for R5-D4. Update Post on Blog, see this date.