R5-D4's metallic 'machine turn' neck tape

UK builders have struggled to find this and from reading up, most have had to import it from the USA, at addition cost.
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape

A fellow member asked me for info on my tape and where to get it from.

After explaining my luck a few years ago, I decided to look for the elusive 'machine turn' material!

USA builders can find the supplier....... Tape Planet [click for link]

And this place has it in sheet form over here in the UK.

Update, fellow club member was VERY happy with this!

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  1. This is an updated UK link for the tape https://www.signmakingandsupplies.co.uk/engine-turn-metallic-circle-brushed-17027-p.asp