Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 1.7

When able to, I've mostly been applying filler to the helmet, sanding and shaping and repeating.
X-wing pilot helmet
cheek section taking shape
I ran out of the second tin of resin, so need to get some more. Want to add more fibre-glass matt to really reinforce the helmets rigidity. I've had positive comments from work colleges which is always a good thing lol.

Picked up a new tin of resin Saturday, but wasn't able to do any fibre-glassing till Monday in work. The paper around the rear edge has seen a lot of action with handling of the helmet. Am also aware that the paper had started to break away, it hadn't bonded with the other paper. So as the fibreglass had already given the edge shape, so I ripped off the unstuck paper.
x-wing helmet
ripped off the unstuck paper

x-wing helmet
I'd had to do this in two other areas where curving the helmet meant taking the 'corners' off the Pepakura and so, took off the paper, which again, hadn't absorbed the resin fully. I didn't want the filler to come loose where it was thin. For this reason the inner areas of the helmet marked in black marker needed reinforcing.
x-wing helmet

x-wing helmet
Once this is hard I can carry on with applying filler to the outside.

Applied a second layer of fibre-glass & resin to this area to re-reinforce it structurally.
x-wing helmet

Whilst this was setting, I mixed up some more filler and applied it to the other edge of the rear crest.
x-wing helmet

More filler, sanding & filling to go.....

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