Next project - Jess Testor Pava - outfit for my daughter - 1.0

The Force Awakens, Jess Pava

My youngest has always liked Star Wars and was supper excited that the new films have strong female characters to inspire and aspire too. Phasma, Rey, Jyn, and then when I told her about an actress who was a Stormtrooper in TFA & there is also a female rebel pilot (had to pause and rewind the DVD to show her Jess) she wanted to be all of them lol.

She was happy to have a dress up Rey costume for Christmas. But since making my Son's Han Solo costume, she since asked if I could make a Jess Pava Rebel Pilot outfit.

So my quest for info began days after returning from CE3.

The Rebel Forum has a large resource of information. This has & will come in handy, tho just like my Son's, the outfit will be a close representation of the outfit, due to a tight budget. But it will be the best as it possibly can be.

A friend from the UK Builders group, Colin A, is also on the path for his Son lol, tho he wants an Original Trilogy Rebel Pilot outfit. So, Colin had already done some research on jumpsuits, straps etc and kindly passed these on to me.

He also put onto pepakura. I've seen this type of work before, but it was an area I had no real need for with any of my previous projects. But this could be how I could make Jess' helmet. So I followed the sent link, printed off the 'plans' and got to cutting and sticking.

Work up to before my holiday....
pepakura - TFA Rebel helmet
pepakura - TFA Rebel helmet
pepakura - TFA Rebel helmet
pepakura - TFA Rebel helmet
I've done a bit more work on this since returning home, so will update soon.

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