Jess Testor Pava - helmet - 1.2

I finished covering the outside of the helmet with resin to harden up the paper.
This make's handling of it a lot easier, without deforming the (paper) shape so easily.

Next was to start applying fibreglass to the inside of the helmet.

I started on the 'cheek' area first, as this is structurally not very strong, hence the cardboard supports, and with the weight of the fibreglass going in I didn't want additional strain being put onto them.

TFA X-wing Helmet
Fibreglass being applied to 'cheek pad' area
TFA X-wing Helmet

TFA X-wing Helmet
Work so far
Although this is only the first layer of fibreglass matt, it has already strengthened the helmet.
As there is a lot of external curvature work to be done, another layer of fibreglass matt will need to be applied in case smoothing the outer area breaks through.

I bought this kit for when I made R5's cone shape on his dome, and the resin is coming to the bottom of the tin, so will need to get some more soon.

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