'R0' type dome for R5's body - 1.0

After seeing The Force Awakens, I knew that an 'R0' type dome was something I'd like to make. And I'd like to have it done by Celebration Europe this year!

31. March '16
A member of the Astromech.net forum, Lars-Ake Siggelin 'Sigge', over in Sweden, drew up [in collaboration] and built an 'R0-L0' dome for his R2 bodied droid.
Now, his version is 'R0-L0' and not 'R0-4L0' as his version has been classified as a Prototype! It is accurate as possible to the film/prop version and not so much to the toy, which has generic features.

So I downloaded his plans and made a start on building.......out of wood, again.

03, April '16
Using the plans I already had drawn up for R5's wood dome, I adjusted measurements to accept the 3mm thick wood hardboard skin. And then jigsaw'd out the 'base', pic below.
R0-L0, R0-4L0, The force awakens, droids, prototype dome
Pre-cut outs.

I then worked out the dimensions for the vertical struts that were needed to fix the wood skin too. Here are the first four verticals.....
The Force Awakens, R0-4L0, prototype dome

Next was to mark and cut out the top location ring. This sit's on top of the struts, so the skin can be attached to it.
(I did the same when building R5, but without the full length struts)

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