'R0' dome build - 1.1

Saturday 9th April

Bought large sheet of 3mm thick hardbound from B&Q. More on this below.
Drilled holes and screwed verticals into place to test.
test assebly
Cut out the centre disc of the top ring.
R0-L0 droid, The Force Awakens

Not sure what I did wrong, but the top ring diameter ended up slightly smaller than it should. No big problem as I can pack it out with thin pieces of hardboard strips.

My idea was to cut some lower support crescents out to support the cone skin, and almost cut top off my thumb! (handsaw not jigsaw......phew) blade jumped, ouch, school boy error :-( but that put end to work for the evening :-(

Sunday 10th April

Using the lower section of the vertical template, I cut out four lower pieces. Drilled holes and screwed them into place. These will help support both the neck skin and the upper 'cone' skin.

I also cut out the crescent quarters of the base ring.

Rain stopped play before I cud mark out the inner & outer neck skins, tho I did stick cone skin down onto board.

R0-L0 droid
More in next update.........

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