'R0' dome build - 2.1 'Radar Eye'

The May Bank Holiday weekend (UK) I managed to work on the Radar Eye lens, in between 'life' and the dome itself.

Whilst searching the net for radar eye lenses, I found a Blog where the user had found and used the dome off a fake security camera. I watched a video about how he did it and then searched eBay for a cheap camera. Found this one for less than £2.

It came within a few days. Lol glad I only need the dome as the camera wouldn't fool anyone it was the real deal lol.

I placed a piece of paper on the dome skin and then the radar eye onto it. Then I drew inside the hole. I cut out the paper and used it as a guide to mark the plastic dome for cutting it out. This was the plan but when I transferred it to the Radar Eye rear hole, this plan wasn't going to work.

I thought that the radar eye hole should also be built up, but this seems to not be the case as the lens then doesn't sit correctly in it.

So I removed the material around the hole for the lens to sit how it should, as if it was to sit on an R2 dome. 
After a lot of shaping on the rear of the opening so the lens fitted as best as possible, I then marked again where best to cut with clearance.

Then used the sanding drum on the dremel to reduce and shape the lens to fit the rear of the eye.

A bit more sanding to get the edges of the lens flush with the radar eye, to achieve this final look.....

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