'R0' dome build - 2.2 'Skin - recessed box no.2'

3rd May 2016
Once the second half of skin no2 had been fixed onto the dome, I marked out where the second recessed box would go.

Hmmmmmm, a bit close to the join than I'd of liked.....

Due to the printed plans not being 100% correct [multipule sheets stitched together] this is what caused my initial skin shape not matching up with my frame CAD drawn plans. The fact the wood wouldn't wrap 360 degs around the frame, without ripping, and then the new skin supports positions, this second recess has ended up being a be a bit close to the join and also the new skin support............Oh well, its marked up and there's not much I can do about it now lol, so lets get cutting

4th May 2016
I decided a little creative/artistic licence was required. So a slight correction with the marked hole and the recessed box is now not so close to the join.
I moved the marking of the hole round by another 5mm.
I then cut out the hole with the dremel. I used a paper template to mark out the recessed piece, I then cut it out.
 The left hand side recessed panel edge strip, still had to have some of it removed to fit around the second vertical skin brace.

Once the shape and fit were right, I glued it in place and clamped it. Next I measured and cut out other sides.

Here is the second recessed box going together.
Sill need to make up the ends with holes in.

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