'R0' dome build - 2.0 'Skin pt2'

30th April 2016

I marked out the second part of the dome skin. I cut out more, around the edges, than I need as this helps with curving the material. The strapping down is the hard part!! But I got it held in place eventually lol.
R0-L0 astromech dome

R0-L0, R5-D4

In these pics you can see where the wood fiber doesn't like the tight curve asked of it. Thankfully though, it holds and these will be sanded out and later watered down PVA will be applied all over to soak in and strengthen the wood. This also helps prevent the spray paint soaking in so much.

I left this strapped up for a few days.


May Bank Holiday and I was able to get on with some more work.
Using the original vertical upright template, I cut two brackets. Next was to cut an angle onto the leading edge so that it matches the skin curve. Then they were screwed into place.

I realised that I'd screwed them to high up, so re-positioned them lower down, so the bottom of the skin would have something to be fixed to.

I had already cut out the skin, so positioned it centrally on the vertical and started to screw it into place. Working my way round both sides, top and bottom.

Then I clamped the extra edge down (no picture), marked where to cut and scored with Stanley knife to cut to size. Whilst doing this, I also trimmed the top skin edge.

Then screwed it down the first edge.
 Looks a bit uneven, but nothing that can't be fixed with filler.


3rd May 2016
Got my new dremel cutting discs today, and these came just in time! I used one to trim the edge off the end skin to be able to butt up against the first skin edge. I then screwed it down.

Next I started to sand the join to make it smooth and blend together.

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