R5 damage repair update

I needed a new Shoulder Hub to replace the one that partially broke [edged lip]. So got online to DJ Design and order a new set. These arrived in a few days looking great!

I've not ordered any of his 'new' revised components before as these were produced after I already had bought mine a few years before. They use less resin material on the un-seen areas, but still retaining strength. The finish of them is also better than the set I had before, not that there was anything wrong, but it is stated that with moulds you can get air holes, which my last set did have. Not that this bothered me as it just added to the worn, pitted, used Droid look. But this set has minimal to non what-so-ever!!

Link to DJ's shoulder hubs DJ Designs

So after a warm soapy water wash and fully dried, I got on with primer spray. I only sprayed up the face as, well, this is the only part you'll see.

Here's after primer, silver and clear coat.

Two slightly different angles in these pictures. My spraying is the cause of the 'crinkle' effect you can see in the upper area's of the hubs. I like doing this as it gives it the worn, corroded look and feel. Also helps when it comes to weathering the parts.

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