R5 damage repair!!

The high's and lows of droid building.....

You know when you think your in control but gravity reminds you your not!

Well that's what happens when a three wheeled unit rolls down a slope.....turns and falls over....in slow motion.

List of things that broke/broke off:

  • Shoulder horse shoe [it is a removable item]
  • One half moon crescent - popped off.
  • Shoulder hub - smashed edges.
  • Dome bearing [lazy suzan type]
  • Split Outer Feet shells [both]
I was in shock, fearing the worst, but once righted, and given the once over, R5 was back in action. Luckily he had turned and his fall was broken [no pun intended] by bush's. The foot shells damage was caused by the weight/force on them as he tipped over. Obviously they're not designed to take ANY weight on them as such.

I had to disconnect the dome motor as thankfully R5's dome locking nuts kept his head on, but the force of the fall, twisted and pulled apart the domes bearing race, there were bearings everywhere lol. I managed to press the two pieces a bit closer together, but they had separated and short of some proper tools, this wasn't going to happen.

So if you notice R5's dome doesn't look like it's on right in the MCM Birmingham photos, now you know.

So this week has been spent repairing the shells, with glass fibre and wood filler.
The black tape was very strong in holding the panels together.

The legs showed paint had cracked so sanded and fixed these. The horseshoe took most of the damage, but again, this was fixable with wood filler, sanding and painting. A new bearing race was ordered and refitted as well as a new set of shoulder hubs from DJDesign.

These just need spraying and for refitting back into R5.

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