Centre Foot - wheel upgrade......2.2

I fitted the wheel caster base back onto the internal foot platform, minus, the previously fitted wood MDF spacer pad, it's not needed now with the larger wheel; as I want it to sit at roughly the same height as before.

On test turning the wheel caster base, there were three points of contact with the foot shell's base ring frame. So out came the dremel and sanding drum to remove the extra wood to give clearance.

Then it was re-assembling the internal wheel frame to the centre leg (x2 bolts) one being the main ankle bolt, the other the locking ankle bolt. Next were the two side shell panels with half moons.
R5D4 astromech droidR5D4 astromech droid

Lastly, re-fitting the centre leg back up into R5's base.

R5 is sooooo much easier to move around now! He is so much more free moving. Not had a chance to test drive yet, but driving and slow motion turning control should be a lot easier due to less 'friction' & the better wheel scooter bearings.
R5D4 astromech droid

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