Centre Foot - wheel upgrade.....2.1

Whilst the centre leg was off and dismantled, I got my work friend [when he had two mins spare] to turn me a bush for the ankle lock bolt. I then drilled out the hole to size and clamping it and the centre leg in a vice, forced the bush into the hole.
Locking bolt bush to be fitted, next to said bolt

Got home to find post man had delivered bolts & locking washers the aluminium strip, so measured up and cut to length. I filed a rad to one edge to look good lol, but also so I would remember which outside faces I needed to drill.

02.11.15 - 04.11.15
In work first thing and got to measuring up and drilling holes. In order to fit the new brackets, the hole position needed is just a fraction off where the original hole was, hence new brackets. So had to cut off the wheel location hole to give clearance for the new bolt hole/bracket. Drilled and tapped M6 threads into the aluminium brackets and clearance holes in the wheel caster sides.
New centre wheel

Now to re-assemble it and centre leg.

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