Upgrade work on Dome rotation system 1.1

So the original grub screw fitted was small, about M3 size. The collar unit is made from aluminium, which is fine but you couldn't apply much force to lock the grub screw into place as the Allen key hex would slip in the hex socket! This was the reason for the Dome issues I had on Saturday at Corsham!

So, I found some M5 grub screws, drilled through and re-tapped the new holes to M5 size. I filled the end of the grub screw flat and to a depth that once fitted in the collar, it was flush with the hexagon face. Then when the wheel is fitted onto the hexagon, it acts as a stop if the grub screw tries to uncrew or be forced out by the motor shaft rotating.

I said 'some' grub screws, as I tapped the new collar holes right through.

Plan 1: a second grub srew can be secured on the opposite side, with the addition of maybe a location hole in the rear face of the shaft.
R5D4 motor

Plan 2: If the original upgrade doesn't work and Plan 1 is no better, then I can drill and pin the collar to the shaft.


The next upgrade was the rotating ring that the motor wheel runs against. When I had originally cut this out it was far from a perfect circle. At the time, I thought this wouldn't be a problem, thinking the motor/wheel assembly would be sprung loaded, as per 'the norm'.

But this caused slipping issues with the motor wheel, being fixed (although the bracket has some spring) it wasnt helping with opposite direction movement.

So I took the ring still attached to the lazy susan, into work and once fixed, slowley rotated it to get the outside edge cylindrical and concentric to the lazy susan. Half hour later, job done.
And fitted with rubber strip for more grip.

On re-fitting the motor, I found it was now to high?? When the dome was rotating and the body in 3 leg mode, the wheel would catch on the underside of his dome. So I added a spacer to drop the motor bracket down. This has solved the problem.

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