Corsham Sci-Fi 2015 - event report & photos

Had another great time at this local event. This was R5's third year of attending but his very first event with all his systems operating. Feet motors, dome rotation and sound.
(His bad motivator and smoke system are extras still W.I.P. lol)

The event was supported by lots of costume groups. Southern Troopers, Milton Keynes Garrison, exewing group, 1st Sensory legion (link) to name a few. Plus all the great guests; Dave Prowse, Mike Edmonds, Femi Taylor, Trevor Butterfield, Danny John-Jules and others....

There was plenty to entertain the kids too. A fancy dress competition with two age groups, this was not for us lol, just the public :). There were making stuff area, stalls and other displays, like the Alien heavy load lifter & Alien, also an endo terminator skeleton. And opposite, the appropriately name 'Skynet' satalite company stall lol.

R5 had lots of pictures taken by the public and group pics with Jedi & Stormtroopers alike lol
 Event opening
Mike Edmonds, Star Wars

Femi Taylor

Trevor Butterfield

Dave Prowse

Daleks, Corsham Sci-Fi Day 2015

Souther Troopers Group

Bumbelbee - Transformers

Souther Troopers, Milton Keynes Garrison

Marine, Aliens

Winter Soldier, Captain America

Mara Jade, Southern Troopers
 All of these photo's were taken by my Son :)


R5-D4, Corsham Sci-Fi 2015

Corsham Sci-Fi 2015

Corsham Sci-Fi 2015, Zoe, Podpad Studios
Mark Enwright was there with his collection of droids and other props. Is always good catching up and getting build tips for tech looking things that are simple to make and don't cost the earth! He was also promoting his new company that he's set up turning a hobby for making props into a business. See his link at bottom of page.

R5-D4, Zoe, Podpad Studios

C.I.D., Podpad Studios

Danny John-Jules


R5-D4, Corsham Sci-Fi 2015

R5 joined up with Mark of PodPad Studios, and his collection (only a few came today) of droids from Zoe, Izzy (Steampunk), K9 Borg, CID & his latest piece Bubo (from Clash of the Titans)

UK R2 Builders Club member, Paul, popped in too & was good to chat bout build stuff etc. Plus another builder, who’s name I've forgotten (sorry) also stopped to chat.

The main room quietened out in the afternoon, which isn't a bad thing as the droids got to roam a bit more. Loads of photos were taken and questions asked about building droids etc.

The event has even been in the local press, link here.

Day finished at four PM, and as I started to load R5 up, the rains came. The amount raised was split four ways with each charity receiving over £600 each!

Check out the groups at these links below:

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