R5's weigh's how much!?!?!

Centre Foot & Leg
Way back in 2012, after finishing his centre foot (leg) build, i weighed it.
The weight was 4Kg's [foot shell, internals inc. wheel and the whole of the centre leg]

R2D2 R5D4 centre footR2D2 R5D4 centre foot

The recent upgrades i've made, inside cut-out of foot shell [see above], new lighter tho larger scooter wheel; internal mounting for wheel and brackets to connect to centre leg, may alter the final weight of the centre foot, but I can't see it being by much. So for now I'll use this weight.

R5D4 Dome, head.
I first weighed both leg's. Fitted with their shoulder disc's and bolts in place, they both weighed excatly the same.....5.5Kg's each!

R5's Dome
I also re-weighed R5's dome. Before the 3 recessed boxes or his dome cone were done, it weighed 4Kg's. After, with the cone & everything else added, eyes, rods etc, it now weighs 6.5Kg's.
I was a bit worried at first, till I read about others (aluminium) domes and their weights! :)

The feet, which are non motorised just scooter wheels at present, fitted with Battery Box & Braided hose, weigh in at 3.0Kg's each.

R5D4 Body
OK, here goes! The body, without batteries or anything......as he doesn't have electrics yet, weigh's 14.5Kg's.

Total weight of R5 at this stage is...........42 Kg!

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