R5-D4's Eyes - LED holders

I machined up three LED 'plugs' for R5's eyes.

Material used was Polypropylene [plastic]. I measured up the hole and made the plugs as snug a fit as possible. I try to look ahead (lol no pun intended), and if I need to take his eyes off his head/dome again in the future, I want it to be a simple, painless process. The last set of LED's I hot glued the leads in place to the inside of his head, which ment trying to uninstall them a bit of a pain. With these plugs, The LED's will be hot glued into them and the 'plugs' push fitted into the rear of the Eyes, actually the rear 'spy-hole' locking ring. See pic for a clearer understanding lol.

R5-D4 Eyes

The brass ring spacer(s) helps to stop the rear of the spy-hole unit from being pulled through the wood dome skin.

More info on my home made (machined) Eyes click this link:

More on the brass ring spacers, click link:

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