Body electrics......LED work to Pocket Vents 1.0

The Real R5 & mine lol, doesn't have a lot to look at. No periscope, flashing lights, charge bay indicator lights etc. So he looks a bit boring when out and about. So I thought I'd join the rest of the builders who add a little bit extra with some LED lighting.

I was thinking of rear illuminating the coin slots. This has been done and is something i may do later on. The plan is to use the two remaining blue LED'S, to light up the two Pocket Vent grills.

So I spent an hour wire stripping, cutting, trimming cable to terminal blocks. Then I got to wiring the cable up to the battery and see how it looks.......

..............well, I was a bit disapointed to say the least! The LED light needs to be diffused as it was to focused.

Moving on, i found my stash of computer mother boards and one in particular section caught my eye. My idea was to mount this behind the grill and shine the LED in between it and the grill mesh??

This would concentrate the LED's light, and if looked inside you would only see the circuit board :)

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