R5's sound system - maintenance work

I was never happy with the 12 Channel remote controller as it's relays were ALL over the place, not as you'd expect, fitted to the board 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Plus the fact that some of the relays don't even work!!

Sometimes some of the sounds don't play either, even tho they do when on the test bench.

One sound that didn't work was the Bad Motivator 'pop-bang' effect. This I noticed when at MCM London the other week.

So I pulled out the board and give it an inspection/maintenance once over. This is where I found one of the wires had actually broken.....The Motivator 'pop-bang' sound effect.

With the actual motivator only recently re-fitted, I didn't realise it was down to this break.

So a quick re-wire and all's now working again.

Future Upgrade: I keep looking at replacing the large board with a smaller 'digital' version of the 12 Channel unit. It has no relays, just a chip!
Digital chip version

12 channel 's still
Mentioned this to Simon B recently at MCM London, as he also had problems with the relay version. This 'chip' version is on my list of upgrades to try out!

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