Optic 6 Transmitter - modified with a hand strap

When holding the transmitter down by my side, was giving me cramp in my hand from trying to grip the transmitter & steering R5 with my thumb. I do this to hide it whilst walking around at event's, so as not to spoil the illusion of who's controlling him.

I do have a neck strap attached to the transmitter, that I loop and wrap around my wrist, but this is only a safety thing so I don't drop it if it get's knocked. It doesn't offer any support to actually holding the transmitter.

So I looked on eBay for a strap of some sort.
I found two types, one that would clip onto the centre neck point and loop round your wrist or a SLR camera hand strap. The first one would just the same as what I had already, so I bought the SLR hand strap.

I already had some strap fixing loops from a previous project, my droid callers. So I dug out my nuts and bolts box and found two washers for inside the casing.
 Just need to re-fit the two grey side covers.

Then it was just a case of drilling one hole, as there was already a switch hole not being used in just the right spot. Fitting the nut/washer/locking split nut through these holes and adjusting so the rear case will close.

It feels a lot better tho the proof will be this Sunday
at R5's next event Optimus Comic Con in my home City of Bristol.

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  1. This worked very well indeed! No hand cramps come the end of the day. Not bad if I say so myself lol