A Patch for R5-D4

Back in February (7.2.18) I actually started on designs for a patch for R5-D4. I've been thinking about creating a patch for a few years, basically since researching info for building him. There's loads of patches for R2-D2, as well as him being included in other club logos.
But hardly anything at all for R5 😢.

I did some early designs, but wasn't happy with them, and of course the cost of getting them produced was also daunting. Spending money on a minimum quantity only for no one to actually want one 😄.... so I put the idea back on hold 😄.

Well, with the Clubs 2018 patch announced the end of last year, I got to re-thinking again about doing a patch. I've got two ideas, one for R5 and another special idea....

Here's a few of my design ideas
that didn't make the final design.
But these did lead onto the final design, which is a combination of these....

April update....
.....I've decided on a design, next up is finding a suitable company to bring my design to life. Then, once I get round to getting them made, will post up pictures.

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