Event Report - Leamington Spa Wars 2017

Friday night was loading up the car night. Got this down to about 15-20mins now lol. All ready for the off Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, early start. Met up with Paul Felski (& his R2-D2) and he followed me up in his transporter.

Just over an hour and a half drive up, we arrived at All Saints' Parish Church, Leamington Spa. And knew we were at the right place as Lee's van is unmissable lol. Glynn arrived at the same time, so we all unloaded and set up the droids.

We were all set ready for early birds opening at 10am, when we were asked if we could move our transports to a more convenient parking area......? 20mins round trip later, we had found free parking and had walked back to the Church. Thankfully Emma was able to keep an eye on the droids etc. Tho we did then miss the local paper interview.

Link to the papers website.

The guest list was impressive, Actors to prop makers from the original films, including film makers from 'Elstree 1976'. The new release from Helix stationary were on display as well as loads of vendors.

Lee got asked to attend the 'Force Awakens' Q&A panel, when someone mentioned he was there & had worked on it.

Banners set up.
One of the two tables, this one had my R4 dome with a few other items on.

Paul & Lee answering questions.

R5, R2-D2 & R2-PHT

 Lee's R2, Glynn's R2-PHT & Lee's other R2

Paul, chatted with Natalie Cuzner, who amongst over acting rolls,
played PZ-4CO in 'The Force Awakens'

We had a good day, chatting with visitors, explaining about the droids & how they were built. Talking about the Club & how to join. www.astromech.info for the UK, www.astromech.net for the world wide group. There are some great pictures up on Instagram #spawars, #spawars17 (just two examples) so check these out as well.

The event finshed around 5pm, and we packed up the droids and display. There was a film showing afterwards, so the hall had to be cleared away and seating re-arranged for the screen.

Emma dropped us back to our cars and then we headed back to the Church to load everything up. We said our goodbyes and headed off our separate ways.

For there next event in 2018,
check out their website, via link at top of Blog Post.

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