R4-D4 Dome work progress 2.8

3D printed parts.
There is seen in some screen grabs that some of the R4's have electronic panels, two off, one either side. There are lots of different version, probably linked to different 'models'. So I thought I'd create my own.

I wasn't sure whether to just recess these component's into the panel, or recess the whole panel, to the depth of the groove, and fix these on then. The upper panel, in the picture below is the one in question.
Well.....that undecidedness didn't last long. I drew up a full components panel in Inventor

..........and 3D printed it off, twice.

I then recessed the whole panel, using a stanley knife blade to 'scrape' off the layers.

and then I test fitted the new 3D printed one.

Am still a bit unsure with how proud the panel is, but I can't recess it any more, due to the wood only being 3mm thick. So I may reduce the height of components on it.....but then they'll become less defined.....

I'm looking into LED's and or fiber optic cable that I have left over from the R0-D4 dome build.

Other work..... I almost finished grooving out all the panels last night.
I just have one last curved panel to do.

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