R4-D4 Dome work progress 2.7

This weekend has been all about the 70's lol......grooving! 😂

Friday night I carried on grooving the dome lid.
The grooving tool I used, all done by hand, just like on R5-D4's dome and body.

And then I applied PVA wash over the grooves to help seal. Once dried, I lightly sanded.

Saturday I had some free time so was able to make a start on scoring and grooving the panels I had previously marked up.
 First panel above started.

Marking up the curved panels curved recesses.
I used a tape to mark the drop from the top to the lines. I then followed a line from side to side.

The scoring with the blade along the lines.....free hand! 

Quick wash with PVA glue, so that by time I've finished grooving, I can start sanding

And this was the final effort.
I'll be starting on the other panels, marking out etc this week.

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