R4-D4 Dome work progress 2.2

Came up with an idea to cover over the screws for the Holo projector Eye.
3D printed a ring with some details on it. Slightly filed two flats to better fit the panel side walls.

And here it is test fitted on the Holo pod.
The idea is that this could be fitted and if work ever needed to be done,
so unscrewing required, paintwork wouldn't be damaged.

Not posted up pics of the LED lit up inside the Holo Eye, theres a mini video on my Instagram page. The pictures give the impression it's REALLY bright, but that's just the camera adjusting to the brightness.

The second picture is better for being able
to see the insides of the nozzle.


My friend Paul popped over with a un-used 3D printed Radar Eye. It will of course need the sides worked on to get them sitting flush to the curvature of the dome panel. But I've managed this before on R0-D4's dome.

Had to be done, lol, a test fit of the Radar Eye on the Dome.


Then it was back on with sanding the primer
& then applying wood filler onto the panels again.

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