R4-D4 Dome work progress 2.1

Build progress....
  • Glued on more rear support pieces for the curved panels.
  • Wood filler over primer.
  • Extra support pieces added.
  • Inside securing blocks added.
  • Sanding and smoothing.
  • Holo projector eye fine tuning.

 I know this looks like tha last picture I posted up, lol, but it isn't.

The curved panel support struts, were held in place at the top by panel pins & PVA glue. I removed the pins and added some cut to fit securing blocks.

Curved panel 4, goes on.

I marked up, cut to length and glued into place the last two curved panel supports struts.

And cut out and scored the panels to be curved.
The pins are there to help hold the panel in place while glueing and clamping takes place.


The holo projector eye, rear cowl, needed some more smoothing on it's inside face. When the main body was rotated, the slightly ovalness, meant it wouldn't freely rotate. Then I used the 'breath easy' nose strip's, cut down to help smooth the contact areas.

I also lightly sanded the silver part of the body. This has dulled it down more to give a more worn/tarnished look, which I like. Pictures in next Blog post.....

More primer/filler spray applied, over the latest work done.

Once dried, more sanding and wood filler....and sanding to be done.

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