New Dome - 3D printing parts - holo projector eye

Downloaded the stl files from the Builders section, www.astromech.net, and asked Steve, my co worker (who has the 3D printer program), to start printing off a holo projector eye.

Parts 1 & 2, upper and lower cowl pieces were done in a few hours, but had to wait till the next day for the main piece to be finished printed.

Pics bottom, with support raft in first picture, second shows support raft removed.

Next up was the upper cowl part.
This didn't take long to print at all. So my Steve was able to start printing the main body.
All are in the process of being sanded, filed and generally smoothed as best possible, before I'll start primer/filler spraying them up.

Next up was to source a cabochon for the lens......3D print one perhaps?

But my friend Glynn saw my Instagram post and has offered me some, they're now in the post to me, thanks mate, much appreciated!

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