Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 2

With loads of people & Littlebits on Instagram, posting up pics of creations for their droids, I thought I needed something 'special' to modify the droid for the kids.

The plan was this weekend to get the kids to build it, but as always plans changed so hopefully, this weekend coming......plus I'll have the dome done by then as well.

There can be only one.....as Colin MacLeod once said, lol (Highlander film peeps), modification that this droid needs.......so I drew up an R5-D4 dome.

I did it simple, (tho it now doesn't look simple in this pic), but picked out his main recognisable details lol, three big 'eyes', neck detail and gave him a mini antenna. This is version 4 attempt, couldn't help myself lol.

Will post up pics once printed.....

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