Disney D23 Expo 2017 - R5D4 pin badge!!

Whilst searching up on eBay,
I found that these's!

A droid set of pin badges!

These pics are gleaned from internet searching...
(credit where possible has been given)

This group pic, posted by Jeremy Konrad.

These others are off eBay, no links, just search them up.

My fist thoughts were....fantastic!!
And then sadness at probably not being able to own one, well, not anytime soon lol

Then I noticed that this R5 has the 'round skirt' design, nothing new as this style of image appears on most of the trading cards, as I've mentioned in previous posts.

Then I noticed that this one tho had been given the 'film version', centre leg!
He has an 'outer leg' as his centre leg, therefore only having the ONE ankle cylinder!!
Check the first group pic to compare with R2.

Top marks to the person who didn't just copy an R2D2 body
and change his body panels to red lol

Well, I'm off to watch eBay for more Droids lol.

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