R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.4

More holes in the lazy susan [rockler style] bearing.

Took the bearing into work so I could use the piller drill.
I'd already marked where the holes should go, so after a pop with a centre point, I drilled out the holes needed to 4.5mm Dia. This is so the M5 threads bite a little when screwing them through the aluminium. The holes were countersunk, of course, to allow the bolts to sit flush.

Next was to line the bearing up again on the dome to mark the new hole positions. So removed the three new bolts, positioned the bearing back onto the dome ring and mark, and drill holes. Then two more strengthening blocks are screwed into place for the location bolts to sit in.

I've also found some mild steel sheet, strip to hopefully make the new dome lower skin.
More on this next time.....though time is ticking till the next upcoming event.....

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