Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit 2.1

2017 and after Xmas/New Year am feeling positive about things.

With a free afternoon on Sunday, I got out my daughters flight suit and accessories and got to working on it again. I started by remeasuring her in the suit, yep, still fits lol. I then measured marked and cut off the excess sleeve & leg material. These bits I can reuse as pockets etc on the suit.
jessika pava flight suit
I left enough for hemming the edges and also the arms will need elasticated cuff material. There's also plenty of space and length to last her a few years growth lol.

I then led it all out for a mock-up picture.
jessika pava flight suit

There were a few bit's I'd misplaced for the straps, but for now, this is work so far.

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