Jess Testor Pava - helmet - 1.3

Finished off the tin & still waiting on the next one lol.

I worked on the lower area and up and round the side 'ear' area.
This was as far as I got.

Whilst waiting, I started to look at the 'visor protector' (for want of a better word lol). This piece I was not looking forward too. The Pepakura file was for mat, so I'm using ref pics to help create the actual look & curvature of it. Which is not so easy as with mat, you just hold the two ends and bend to the shape you need.


Well this was on hold for a few weeks, kids back to school, old/new routines started back up.....and I had no spare time. Plus I had/have two events to attend with R5, Chippenham Sci-Fi Day (Sept 17th) & Feel The Force Day in Peterborough on October 1st.

UPDATE..... Finally got motivated (is the best way to describe it) to do some more fibreglass matting on the helmet. Will post updates soon.

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