'R0' dome build - 3.0 'Dome Lid'

Last nights work:

Cut out last piece of the lid sections.

Marked their positions on the main base ring (to be), then drilled holes and secured then to it.

The height of the lid is given as 9mm, so I measured and marked two 100mm discs, both 3mm thick (+ the base) equals 9mm high. I found the centre on the base disc and positioned where the discs would go.
Disc's marked out and cut out 

Positioned centrally

Next I glued the two discs together. These will be glued to the base disc, before the lid angles are created.

I then marked out the excess material not needed, to keep weight down, and used my jigsaw, cut sections out.
marked out area to be removed

And afterwards. The central hole will be used for a sleeve unit for the pop up system.
[If I have time before Celebration Europe, that is]

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