'R0' dome build - 2.9 'Dome Lid'

Next was the dome lid. I found the top ring cut out and marked where the centre was going to be cut out. This will help keep the weight down.

Then using what sheet material I had, I marked out the 'recessed' Lip ring (which will be silver) & the lower edge of the actual lid.These are half sections as didn't have enough for whole discs.

I've an idea how to secure the lid, but first, I'll finish this bit.

Lol, was moving bags hanging up in garage, when I found the leftovers of another project from years ago, Aluminium grill! Perfect!

It's not circular holes, like I've seen, but this is an R5 knock-off lol, so will do for this build.

My plan is to secure it to the inside of the pictured ring it's sat on. Cut down in height tho.

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