'R0' dome build - 1.7 'Radar Eye'

26th April

Picked up a tub of P40 glass fibre bridging resin, to fill out the back of the radar eye. I added some more cardboard where it was needed and once happy, started to mix up small amounts and applied to first area.
R0-L0, Astromech droid
I slotted some cardboard into the data slot just to keep it open.

Second lot of resin applied to right side area next...

And here's one in colour, so you can see the resin lol
R0-4L0, radar eye

Made me chuckle looking at the front & lid of the P40 tub, as the 'un-offical' image of an MG Meastro lol, and the instructions have not changed since 1985!!
.........once fully cured, I trimmed off the excess.

Taped down a sheet of course sandpaper and holding the radar eye as horizontal as possible, moved it from side to side, then vertically. I kept testing on the panel next to it for fit, no wobble an minimal gaps.


I then applied filler to the edges to sit flush with the dome.

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