Han Solo costume for my Son....... Trousers 1.0

Was in my local Tesco's store the other week and decided to have a quick look for suitable trousers for Jacob. They had some Chinos, which were soft and would be comfortable to be worn all day, result! 
Han Solo costume
The only problem was that they are 'twisted' seamed and this could of been a problem. The turn-ups aren't stitched and the actual length of them will be possibly shortened to suit his leg length.
Han Solo costume

So a few days later I went in with him so he could try them on. Thankfully the 'twist' part doesn't start till way past his knee and below the top of where his boots would reach.

They will need to have the fake rear pocket buttons removed, but these are on stitched on the outside of the pockets, no holes.
Han Solo costume

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