Han Solo costume for my Son....... Boots 1.0

When I first started looking at this costume for my Son, years ago, one of the really off putting thoughts was the cost of the boots! But gradually as you search the internet, I found that long riding boots could be an option and second hand ones, even better [price wise].

For those who don't have kids [lol] they grow! My Son is one of these 'growers'. School shoes, out of school shoes, sports shoes for astro [football] & then football boots, sizes vary with make, then the thickness of the socks..... It's a nightmare! So the cost of buying him boot's that he might's only get to wear a few times in one year was a bit off-putting!

Thankfully, second hand boot's are available on eBay. As I've said before, this costume is more for the look than it being 100% 'screen accurate'. So only go this route if your doing the same. For the right boot's check out the Forums etc.

These were a bargin & at this price, won't break the bank if I need to ever get a larger size in the future.

Han Solo boot

Han Solo costume

Han Solo costume
This label will need removing
Just hope they work lol, they should be here Thursday this week.

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