My R5-D4 makes the grade!!

When I started building R5-D4, it was for the 'challenge' of attempting to build him.

When he was standing, head-less, at his first event, it was a very 'nervous' moment. As he was next to some quality, working, droids!

R5 with a borrowed R3 clear dome, thanks to Ian [pic]

Then when it was his first moving event, I was stupid 'excited' [note the grin on face in pic below] about him participating with Giles & Ian!

R5D4, R2D2, R4D5

R5's not fully complete yet.....bout 99.5% lol, but representing the R2 Builders club at events, is something I take great pride in. He's still waiting on his sound link up for his bad motivator, but rolling around at events is a really good feeling,
bringing kids big & small the world of Star Wars to life :).

Yesterday, I received my club membership badge in the post.
This means a lot as a builder :).

Nice art work Colin! lol

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