Slip-ring system 1.1

Slip-ring work, I paired up the wires and soldered them onto a 9 pin plug. Not used all the pins though. I figured by doubling up the wires it could/would help with current flow [what do I know though lol]. Thankfully my soldering skills held out and all went well. Finished off with heat shrink sleeving. Only took a few hours, of twisting and soldering up lol.
R5-D4 Dome power

R5D4 dome power

Next was soldering some wire to the Dome socket. Electrical cable was used, as I've used on the rest of R5's electrical system. The plugs were chosen as can only be plugged in one way, so can be done 'blind' if needed from inside the Dome. Obviously I'll be adding labels to everything, to help with remembering what wire does what.

The fixing bracket was made from some scrap computer 
insides bracket, this was screwed to the inside frame.

And here's the slip ring installed in R5.

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