New Centre Leg - 1.5 - Primer & Bush

After some more sanding of filler. I next cut up a piece of 8mm dia dowell. This was instead of the planned two screws to hold on the cylinder holder. This way it can all be removed without damage to the cylinder. I actually only used one piece, not two, to allow it to pivot in fitting and removal, along with the cylinder. The previously drilled holes were filled with wood filler.
R5D4 Cannon centre leg

Later on, after some more sanding, I applied some grey primer. This helps to show up spots missed that need more wood filler lol. Not going for perfection mind as this goes towards the 'used' look of R5.

Also machined up a brass bush to push fit into the ankle hole. I included a washer style end to aid the extra piece of material I added for the thickness. To reduce any stress on it and prevent splitting.

Next is white paint.......

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