Turborix Transmitter/Receiver issues......... Now fixed!

In a previous post I wrote about the issue I was having with the servo on Channel 1 not working. I checked the Radio transmitter and R5 moved forwards & back, left & right fine, but channel 1 still wouldn't respond fully?

The new servo gave the same response, nothing :(

I ordered a replacement Rx receiver, with the naive assumption that the simple brand name was all that would be different (Turborix is basically a re-branded FlySky product). But the item was a newer version, without the satellite receiver unit.

Well, I eventually had time to play with the transmitter & program. The program on the PC is a bit temprimental working, loosing connection, settings etc. Well, I found that the settings for servo one had changed, but not saved. So after two trips out to the garage and R5, I confirmed the correct (my original) settings & R5's Dome control......is back in buisness! :)

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