R5-D4's Sound system - Audio FX & 12 Channel remote.

With all the soldering going on, I didn't like the look of the work I had done on the Audio FX sound board. So as it came with pin's, I ordered some female crimp connectors off eBay to crimp & solder the wires to these. These were then covered in heat shrink.

At last my 12 channel remote control unit came :)
12 Channal Remote unit for R5-D4's sound system
AA battery for scale.

I also could now layout everything onto the perspex to position and mark for holes to be drilled.

Board mock-up.
R5D4 sound
Audio FX top left, 12 channel remote, top right, voltage regulators (x2) middle, Sure Amp (in bag) bottom. Just the start of figuring out where to put it all.

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