Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.6 Almost Completed

After the last post, and the previous coat of paint had dried, I applied another coat of metallic blue all over the box. This improved it a bit more, making it more darker and more blue lol. Once this had dried, I gave the box faces a light sand all over, then I applied clear sealer all over and left to dry. Now the box is almost complete. I applied the handles and feet, and finally, in went the foam.

Scanning Crew Star Wars ANH
The last touch that I was to spray up the lid with the orange blocks. As I didn't have orange spray, I used brass/gold colour that I used on R5's hoses. Looks good and am happy with it. The colour could be an indicator as to what the box contains. Orange for Scanning equipment, Gold for RC Transmitters lol.

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