** Collectormania 22 & the UK R2 Builders Club **

R5-D4 astromech droid
Sunday was R5's second motorised event, joining the Uk R2 Builders on the second day at Collectormania 22 @ Milton Keynes (MK Dons football) arena.

Doors open at 9am, so it was an early start for me. I was up at 5:40am and out the door & on the road by 6:00am! R5 was already loaded the night before. Then the two hour plus, drive up to Milton Keynes. Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be lol.

Arrived around 8:30am and after a quick re-con, started to unload and assemble R5. There were queuing people out side, some dressed up.
Capitan America
The group were up on the second floor balcony, along with James from XRobots with his 3D printer & also Joker Squad. First floor was the 'computer games' floor, Milton Keynes Garrison & Dr Who show props, costumes & Dareks.

James, in the above picture, was showing visitors 'live' 3D printing of components and explaining the process. Lots of people managed to find us still and were treated to music and dance lol, not from us, but from the droids.
UK R2 Builders Club

Wall-E, UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club stand
Later on we went off to roll around the main event floor, entertaining, photo's etc
R5-D4, Wall-E, Stormtrooper

Click on this link to take you to R5's You Tube page
for video's of some of the droids rolling around.
(not loaded up yet as of 18.11.14)

These are the droids your looking for next time they are out and about!
UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club
Really like this picture!

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